Stanley Ho Casino Mogul

Stanley Ho is an entrepreneur in Hong Kong and Macau. In Macao, Stanley Ho is known as the “King of Gambling”. Father to 17 children, 81-year-old Stanley Ho is fond of women, tennis and ballroom dancing’. He is worth slightly over $7 billion.

The ostentatious Lisboa Hotel, is the flagship of Macau gambling czar Stanley Ho who has extensive business dealings in Vancouver and Toronto. The Grand Lisboa in Macao, which opened recently, is Stanley Ho's biggest response to the rush of competition that has poured in since the Chinese government removed the monopoly that was once held by this casino mogul. The new Grand Lisboa is connected by a footbridge with the original Hotel Lisboa which Stanley Ho opened back in 1971. The 40 story Grand Lisboa casino-hotel was built on the site of a former football pitch at the side of Stanley Ho's Casino Lisboa. Casino Lisboa is owned by Estoril-Sol, a company majority-owned by Chinese gambling king Stanley Ho, with a minority shareholder with 33%, Amorim. He owns several gambling halls in Macau, including his most popular venture to date, Lisboa Casino near the site of the MGM Grand Macau.

In recent years, Stanley Ho launched various online casinos using live gaming technology in order to attract new gamblers throughout the world. His first attempt was a live game console that was way too bulky for slower internet connections at the time. Other live casino versions followed that were using the latest java and flash technology that never really caught on with the average online gambler. He continues to offer live gaming to internet gamblers but he primarily cators to Asian players.

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