NETeller Online Casinos

Neteller was founded over 10 years ago as a means to give everyday consumers in the United Kingdom a chance to pay for goods and services using a non-traditional payment method. Already millions have begun finding out why NeTeller is so popular. The service this company provides allows users to move money quickly and easily. NeTeller is a UK-based electronic money issuer and is authorized by the UK FSA( financial services authority). The company uses the format of an e-wallet and essentially works like a debit card; you can even use it to make purchases with a company issued MasterCard. All one has to do is upload funds to a Neteller account and they are then free to spend their money at a number of locations based both on land and on the internet. Users can even give the gift of Neteller pre-paid cards to friends and loved ones. Not only can users pay for goods and services using NeTeller, but they may be paid through NeTeller as well. Best of all, these great services offered by NeTeller are available for free.

Getting Started

To get started, first users need to register with NeTeller at their website, This account is now an e-wallet registered to the user. Tied to another third-party organization or a user’s bank card, money can then be deposited at will into the NeTeller account. Upload funds anytime from anywhere online. This account has great versatility, allowing users to pay with this method anywhere NeTeller is accepted. Some businesses offer added incentive to users who choose NeTeller as a preferred payment method.

Choose from many currencies to upload funds to your NeTeller account. Most services through the company are free of charges; however some transactions incur a minimal fee, only one of which rises above 1.75% of your total transaction for non-merchants. The highest fee is through Ukash and only holds true for customers hailing from Brazil.

Withdrawal of funds is just as effortless as the deposit. You can cash-out from any retailer or online gaming destination with the click of a button. If you’ve applied for the Net+ prepaid MasterCard, funds can be deposited directly your account and used shortly after with your NeTeller card.

The Future

NeTeller offers promotions for added incentive, giving users more reason to join the program and start moving money with NeTeller. The company has become very active in social media and networking, hosting blogging sites, and tying itself to facebook, twitter and YouTube pages in an effort to spread the word and maintain a presence in a constantly evolving online world. Through these globally connected communities it is sure NeTeller will only bolster its following and become a name known throughout the world for quality and dedication to its customers.

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