Gambling Tips

Before you sit down to play any casino game it pays to know the rules.  The following are some of the most popular tried and true gambling tips and strategies for blackjack, roulette, craps, and video poker, keno, and slot machines.  Most of these games feature a low house edge, meaning you have a better chance to beat the house. Of course with some of these games are completely based on chance so for those money management is your best strategy.  By paying attention to the tips below you can knock off percentage points from the natural house edge by playing with optimal strategy.

Blackjack Tips

  1.     Make sure to stand on 17 to 21, but hit on soft 17.
  2.     Make sure to stand on 12 to 16, when the dealer has 2 to 6.
  3.     Hit if you are holding a hard 12 to 16 and the dealer has a 7 or higher.
  4.     Make sure to always split pairs of aces and 8's.
  5.     Never spilt any 10's, jacks, queens, kings, 5's and 4's.
  6.     Double down on a 10 or 11 if the dealer has an 8 or lower.


Roulette Tips

  1.     Their are many strategies available for this game.
  2.     Start out by placing $1 on five different numbers.
  3.     If one of your numbers hit, then spread the $35 over 5 numbers.
  4.     If one of your numbers hit again, you'll have $245 to spend.
  5.     Some number will repeat quite often, while others won't.
  6.     Play smart, and don't bet everything on one number.


Craps Tips

  1.     If you want to take a risk, do it when its your turn to roll.
  2.     Start with $1 bets until your playing with their money.
  3.     Only take small risks after you've built up some spending cash.


Video Poker Tips

  1.     Make sure that you know what each of the hands pay.
  2.     Each video poker game doesn't pay the same amount.
  3.     Make sure your aware or which cards are wild.
  4.     Only the max bet will win the video poker jackpot.
  5.     Make sure to play the game for the small wins.

Keno Tips

  1.     When numbers come up, they may not come up again.
  2.     If a number doesn't come up, it may never come up.
  3.     All numbers come up at random and have equal footing.
  4.     This game is based on luck. Their is no strategy to it.
  5.     The odds of winning are betting when playing a few numbers.


Slot Machine Tips

  1.     Do not chase the slot machine jackpot.
  2.     Work towards winning the smaller payouts.
  3.     Play the game for some playing money.
  4.     All jackpots pop-up at random.
  5.     Don't expect a jackpot to pop-up.

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