Online Casino Payouts

When gambling anywhere, either at an online or land-based casino you deserve to know the payout rates.  Without this knowledge it is almost impossible to tell whether you are getting a good deal for you gaming dollar.  With table games like roulette, baccarat, and craps the payout is determined by a mathematical formula based on the odds for each given bet.  As long as the casino you are playing at offers the standard odds then the payout should not be different between competing online casino operators.

Where casino payouts may differ greatly is in the area of slot machines.  Because slot machines have so many different bets and jackpot sizes the only way to know the payout rate is to view the statements published by the online casino operator’s auditors.  For example all casinos that use MicroGaming software are audited each month by Price Waterhouse Coopers, one of the biggest accounting firms in the world.

Most casino payout rates are determined by comparing the winning amount to the amount that is wagered. While it’s true that the house needs to stay ahead in the long run, this doesn’t mean that players can’t win money.  In any given month or a casino may actually loose money but they plan to stay in the black on an annual basis.  It is important to remember that they payout rates are not a real indicator of your chances of winning any particular bet, but the amount that the casino takes in over the long term based on the laws of probability.

Generally speaking most online casino’s offer a payout rate between 90% – 95% depending on the games you choose to play the most.  However, if you do some homework you can up this rate to 98% or above by sticking to the games with the lowest house edge. For example if you choose to play the pass line bet in craps you’ll only be subjecting yourself to a house edge of 1.41% making the payout rate an astounding 98.59%.  Another low house edge game is blackjack.  When played with the optimal strategy this game’s house edge vanishes to a tiny 0.29%, but you’ll need a bit of skill to make it work.  

The major drawback to sticking to low house edge games is that they offer little chance of making a big score with a small budget.  You can play the pass line in craps all day but may only end up $15 when everything is said and done.  Games that offer huge amounts of money than can be won in a single turn or spin of the reel like progressive slot machines have a higher house edge, sometimes of up to 10%.  However, in return for taking more of your money they can offer large jackpots to the luckiest players of all.

Popular payment methods are: Neteller, Click2Pay, Ecocard and Moneybookers.


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