Click2Pay Online Casinos

As some users may be aware, it is becoming more and more difficult to fund online gambling activities using traditional payment methods, like Visa and MasterCard. Recent banking legislation in the US has all but wiped out the option for players in this region. Since this recent change in how banks view online gambling, Click2Pay has emerged as an alternative method of loading and unloading funds to players casino accounts. Some venues will even add bonuses for added motivation to use Click2Pay as a preferred payment method. Access to accounts is available from anywhere online, protected by a user’s personal ID and passcode.

Getting started

To begin, users may sign up for free at, deposit money using dozens of methods and proceed to enjoy the freedom of spending and receiving money without any risk of revealing personal information. Click2Pay is accepted by thousands of website and merchants worldwide. Click2Pay has a customized website for all regions across the globe, giving each area the personal attention it deserves and, observing the laws of the land, conforms to legislation or these local regions. It should be understood that Click2Pay reserves the right to terminate the relationship between company and users at will.


With Click2Pay money is sent and received immediately and is easily moved with just a few clicks of a mouse. However, for a service used with such ease and convenience, Click2Pay charges its users a standard fee from anywhere between 10EUR to as much as 3% of a transaction’s total. One other very important piece of information regarding transactions with Click2Pay is that each transaction is subject to a foreign exchange fee, which comes out to 2.5% + the daily interbank market rate. This rate is unstable because currencies of most developed countries have unpredictable exchange rates because their value increases or decreases in relation to other currencies. The amount of value a currency has on any day is interpreted as the daily inter-bank market rate.

Security and support

Security is a big concern for many users online, especially when money is involved. Fear not, for Click2Pay is highly regarded as one of the safest sites around. Fraud detention and prevention, secure encryption practices and a team of vigilant individuals who monitor account activity around the clock are all in place to ensure the safety and security of customers’ money and personal information.

Customer support is available 24/7 to aid merchants and users who have questions or concerns regarding their Click2pay accounts. Charges do apply to phone service, while the email contact option is free.

Online Casinos and Click2Pay

Many online casinos use Click2Pay as a secure method of moving funds in and out of users’ accounts. Often time added bonuses are awarded when using Click2Pay as a preferred method of deposit and withdrawal, which only heightens the popularity of the payment option.

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