The Game of 3 Card Poker

With the huge surge in the popularity of Texas Hold’em, other forms of poker have also gotten a second look and many new games have been created as well.  Three Card Poker (also known as Tri-Card Poker) is a style of poker that fits into the category of casino table games. Unlike in a traditional poker game which is played against a group of players – Three Card Poker is a showdown between a single player and the dealer for who has the best hand.

Three Card Poker is easy to learn and there are several optimal strategies that are well known.  The game starts by the player making an ante bet.  If you don’t like your cards you can fold and loose.  If you like what you have and think you can beat the dealer you need to raise the same amount as your ante bet for each card that the dealer turns over.  If the dealer doesn’t get a queen or higher in his three card hand then he does not qualify and you win even money on your ante bets.

Another wager you can make when starting out a new round of Three Card Poker is called the Pairplus bet. If you manage to get a pair, flush, straight, three of a kind, or straight flush you’ll be rewarded anywhere from even money for a simple pair to 40-1 for a straight flush.

Because the dealer needs at least a queen or higher to qualify to beat the player a good betting strategy for three card poker is to play though any hand with at least a queen.  Most casinos also offer side bets with a progressive jackpot for a rare hand like a spade-flush.  As with any progressive the bet only pays when the jackpot amount reaches a large amount.  If there isn’t much in the pot it is better to save your gaming dollars for other opportunities.

Three Card Poker is the most popular poker based table game exceeding Caribbean Stud Poker, 4 Card Poker, and even Let It Ride.  All of the online casinos featured on this site feature Three Card Poker.  While the rules are basically the same at most of the online casino providers – they progressive jackpot structures may differ so it pays to check out more than one casino if Three Card Poker is your game of choice.

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