The Game of Sic Bo

Sic Bo is an exciting dice based casino game with origins going all the way back to ancient China.  While previously Sic Bo could only be found in Asian owned casinos or in Asian gaming centers like Macau, today almost every online casino offers Sic Bo as a part of their casino game lineup.  This popular game can also be found in many Western land based casinos that are interested in attracting a diverse clientele.  As you’ll see after learning more about Sic Bo, it doesn’t matter where you come from – if you enjoy an exciting game with lots of action and chances to win large sums of money Sic Bo is for you.

Sic Bo is similar to craps in that it is played on a table and player chooses different bets that are based on the roll out of the dice.  However, unlike craps, Sic Bo is played with a third dice meaning that instead of 36 possible rolls there are a total of 216 combinations of the dice.  So while the biggest bet in craps pays 30-1 the biggest bet in Sic Bo, known as a Triple pays anywhere from 150-1 to 180-1 depending on the casino of your choice.

The most common bets and the ones with the lowest house edge are known as Big and Small.  It’s a good idea to get comfortable with these basic Sic Bo bets before moving on to more complicated ones.  To win the Big bet the total of the three dice needs to equal between 11-17, for the Small bet the total needs to come out between 4-10.  While this bet only pays even money you have a nearly 50/50 chance of getting it right just based on probability.  Another simple Sic Bo bet is gambling on whether any given total will be an odd or even number.  With the Odd / Even bet all bets are off if the dice show up as 3 of a kind, but this is a very rare occurrence so the chances are just as good as with the Big / Small bet.

Once you get the hang of it you’ll find that Sic Bo is a simple game that only looks intimidating from the outside looking in.  If you have lucky numbers or number combinations, it will give you a chance to test your luck.  All of the online casinos featured on this site offer Sic Bo with excellent odds – so sign up today in order to get started playing this exotic and exciting dice game.



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