The Game of Scratch Cards

By far the most popular form of gambling is state and national lotteries.  The chance to win millions of dollars for a tiny investment of just a few bucks is simply too much for most people to resist.  As lotteries expanded their operations, they started to offer instant games as well in the form of scratch cards.  These small cards can usually be purchased for anywhere between $1 – $30 and have a wide variety of prizes and payouts depending on the cost of the card.  Overall around 1 in 4 traditional scratch cards wins something, usually another free scratch card or a prize that is equal to the face value of the card.

Online casinos have taken note of how popular these scratch card games are and have now created hundreds of virtual scratch cards that you can purchase and play just like the real thing.  

Playing scratch cards online is a much better investment than playing standard scratch cards from your local lottery.  For one, the payout rates that online casinos are much higher – in the range of 90% or above.  The payout rate for state lotteries on the other hand is a paltry 50%, and any casino offering this terrible gamble would be put out of business in no time. While it is true that scratch cards are simply a fun game of chance there are still ways to maximize your gambling dollars devoted to them. 

Our suggestion is to purchase a large lot of scratch cards at the minimum purchase price available.  If you can afford a bit more it is also fun to buy a variety of cards at different price points.  For example you can buy a $1 card and if you win use your proceeds to buy a $2 or $3 card.  If you strike out you can always go back to the lowest cost card and start over.

Another advantage of playing scratch card games at online casinos is that the variety and selection of cards are greater than anywhere else.  With casino game software developers designing new games each month you’ll never get bored of the games to choose from.  Most of the online casinos featured on this website have a nice selection of scratch card games that you can play.  They are a great way to use your sign-up bonus money to build an online gambling bankroll.

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