The Game of Roulette

For players looking for a classy game of chance – nothing is better than roulette.  With nothing but the luck of the player to determine the winners or losers, roulette offers lots of excitement and a wide variety of bets.  The origins of roulette started out in European casinos and quickly moved over to North America due to its immense popularity.  With many games that have come since its inception roulette still remains one of the most popular casino games because it is simple, easy to play, exciting and thrilling.

The basic premise of roulette is to either pick the correct color or number that the ball lands on.  You can also bet on weather the number that comes up will be even or odd.  While the rules of roulette may be easy to follow, there are certain types of bets that will give you a better chance of winning over the long run as well as certain versions of roulette to stay away from.

When checking out the selection of roulette games at an online casino you’ll most likely encounter two distinct varieties known as European roulette or American roulette.  The only difference between the two games is that in European Roulette there is a single 0 space and in the American version there is a 0 and a 00 space.  While that may not seem like a big difference the extra 00 in American roulette raises the house edge significantly because you are trying to hit the correct number between 1-36 out of 38 spaces and betting on even money propositions carries a higher house edge due to inclusion of the 00.  The good news is that all online casinos offer European roulette with better odds and chances of winning – so stick to those games only.

Once you’ve got down the basic wagers of black/red, even/odd, and straight numbers you can play around with other bets as well.  If you place your chips on the line between 2 numbers you can cover both bets with the amount of your bet.  Similarly you can place your chips on a corner that covers up to four numbers at once.  While there aren’t any proven strategies to win at roulette most players enjoy the game best using a progressive system where they double down after a loss or let their winnings ride on the next spin of the wheel.

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